Jeff Bridges aka “The Dude” Starts a Sleep Club

Quick View of What Happened Jeff Bridges appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live November 12th, 2018 where he mentioned his new project Sleep Club. The Sleep Club claims to be passionate about sleep, recommends products and also sells a supplement called Sleep Stripzzz. These are strips that dissolve in your tongue and promote falling asleep quicker. … Read more

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How To Get More Deep Sleep

Humans always knew about the refreshing effect that comes with sleep. They knew a lot about dream sleep. Due to the more vivid nature of dream sleep, people gave more attention to it. Lots of mystery surrounds dream sleep. However, people tend to give less attention to deep sleep. Our knowledge of deep sleep remains … Read more

How To Sleep Better – The Ultimate Guide to Catching More Z’s

Getting regular and high-quality sleep is a crucial factor in maintaining and improving one’s health. Sleeping is your body’s way of restoring lost energy. Sleeping is also a way for your body to heal itself. Losing quality sleep can lead to daytime sleepiness, lack of energy, difficulty in concentrating, mood swings, and forgetfulness. These may … Read more