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Why Do Some People Feel Euphoria After Sleep Deprivation?

Overview Sleep deprivation causes a lot of imbalances and changes in the body and brain. After a sleepless night, our brain starts processing information in a different way. For some people, it is euphoria that they feel after an all-nighter. Sleep deprivation is linked to dopamine release (an attempt to prolong our wakefulness), and one

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How Is Sleep Regulated? The Two-Process Model

Overview You have probably noticed that from the time you wake up, your energy level seems to grow and then start falling down again – the longer we are awake, the more tired we feel. This can be ‘fixed’ only by sleeping. Then again, there are days when we are sleepy all day because we

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What Is Sleep? Definitions Of Sleep

Overview Without any prior knowledge about sleep; what an average person would know about sleep is that it is a state in which we are unaware of things around us, that it usually happens at night, that we dream during sleep, that we grow more tired the longer we are awake and that we feel

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Good Sleepers Are Better Students: Learning And Sleep

Overview Sleep and learning are tightly connected. We could say that sleep helps us learn in two ways – one is before the actual learning. When we are well-rested, our brain is cleared out from sleep-inducing substances, fresh and ready for action. It is then that we are focused, concentrated and likely to absorb new

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Short Sleep – When is it Dangerous?

Overview Saying that someone is a ‘short sleeper’ can be misleading because we don’t know whether it refers to someone who naturally needs little sleep or someone who is constantly sleep-deprived. This term is and can be used in both cases. Here we talk about all short sleepers – those who thrive on less than

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