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REM Sleep – How It Works and What The Benefits Are

Overview REM sleep (REMS) has long been a field of interest for both the public and scientists who wanted to know more about what exactly happens during our sleep and why it is so. One of the reasons why REM has drawn so much attention may be the fact that out of all sleep stages

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The Four Stages Of Sleep And Sleep Cycles

Overview After we fall asleep, our body goes through different stages. These stages then repeat cyclically, and each of them is characterized by certain brain waves, body temperature, responsiveness, ability to dream. Stages of sleep and sleep cycles were first discovered and recorded after the invention of EEG (electroencephalograph), which was used to detect brain

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Healthy Sleep Habits – A Guide For Parents

Overview Does your child experience sleep problems? Depending on their age, the type of problems may vary. There are some things every parent should know about their child’s sleep habits – for example, many parents of sleep-deprived children are not even aware of this problem. Sleep deprivation further leads to mental health issues – frequent

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