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Bullying And Sleep: A Guide For Children And Parents Imagine this scenario: you are in a bad mood because you didn't sleep well last night. The coworker/classmate you don’t particularly like does something wrong and it triggers you to tell him off or make harsh and inconsiderate comments. This means your poor sleep indirectly caused you to be rude.… ... Read more
NREM Parasomnias Parasomnias are sleep disorders. These are abnormal movements that a person experiences while he sleeps. A person can also experience these in between sleep stages. Some experience them during arousal. Some involve abnormal behaviors and emotions. There are even some parasomnias that result in abnormal perceptions or dreams. REM sleep… ... Read more
Night Terrors A night terror is a partial waking from sleep. Someone experiencing night terrors usually wakes up screaming, kicking, thrashing, or mumbling. There are also some instances of night terrors that end with the person sleepwalking. Night terrors are harmless. An episode often lasts from a few seconds to a few… ... Read more
Sleep-related Eating Disorder Sleep-related eating disorder (SRED), or nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder (NSRED) is a sleep illness which belongs to the parasomnia family. It is distinguished by frequent and abnormal eating patterns during the night while in the sleep state. People with this condition usually start by getting out of bed, heading to… ... Read more
Sleepwalking Somnambulism, or most commonly known as sleepwalking, is a sleep disorder where someone walks and executes abnormal behaviors while he is still asleep. Sleepwalking belongs to a family of sleep disorders called parasomnia. This occurs on the cycles of non-rapid eye movement sleep (NREM sleep) during deep sleep. Although it… ... Read more
A List of Other Parasomnias Aside from the more common REM and Non-REM parasomnias, there are several other parasomnias that can affect a person. Parasomnias are undesirable movements that occur while a person is sleeping. Some parasomnias are not serious and are more bothersome to the patient’s sleeping partner. There are some parasomnias though that… ... Read more